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The low-down...

We're multi-tasking more than ever, but are we any good at it? What makes a person able to successfully prioritise and juggle tasks? Scientists from The University of Queensland's School of Psychology and Queensland Brain Institute designed The Multi-tasking Test to answer these questions.

Over 4000 people have done the multi-tasking test and the researchers from The University of Queensland are thrilled. The Multi-tasking Test is now closed. The researchers will soon begin the task of analyzing the data for the answers to their question - what makes a good multi-tasker? In the meantime, you can read a little bit about the early (non-scientific) results. More...

Competition winner: Congratulations to Martha Valentine.

So far...

  • 4486
  • people have done the test
  • 7%
  • are on social networking sites for > 4 hrs a day
  • Watching TV and Talking
  • are two common medias to multi-task together

Why are we doing this?

The Multi-tasking Test is a way to collect information for a scientific study. Like most of us, scientists have ideas about things. But to get these ideas accepted they have to be proved right. Scientists do this by collecting information, or data in experiments (like the Multi-tasking Test), and then analysing the data for trends and links. more...

You could win

After you've completed the test you'll get your results PLUS you'll have the chance to enter a competition to win a new phone, tablet or camera (up to $1000 worth). more...

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"Loved the test and had a heap of fun doing it. Glad I got to do the last one more than once." - Papa Dingo